A World of Possibilities for Open Source

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Ten years ago we started with the (immodest?) goal of bringing open source to enterprise software.  Today, there are even greater opportunities for open source — not just in software, but as a fundamental force for positive change in the world. Imagine a world where smart devices could be 3-d printed anywhere.  Further imagine all […]

opentaps CRM2: A New Way To Do It

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If you’ve ever thought, “There’s got to be a better way,” take a look at opentaps CRM2. The new opentaps CRM2 takes a completely different approach to opentaps 1.x or any other major CRM system out there.  Instead of having all these screens and forms for you to come and enter data, we’re bringing opentaps […]

Who’s the Real Social Network: Email, Text, Facebook, or Twitter?

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Ever wonder how people really connect these days?  Here are the numbers: Emails: 182.9 billion per day Text: 6 billion (Note: this is declining.) Facebook: 4.75 billion Likes Twitter: 0.5 billion Even with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, old-fashioned email is still how most of us connect online most of the time. Sources: radicati (emails), […]