We’re at the convergence of climate change, finance, blockchain, and open source. This is what we believe.

True climate investing will improve long-term investment results. It is not a “cause.”

Climate change is real.

Climate change is already happening. Storms, droughts, and extreme weather as well as changes in consumer behavior and government regulations are already affecting business results.

Furthermore, some industries suffer from poor business models, which contribute to both climate change and poor returns.

Therefore, investors can both increase long-term returns while fixing climate change.

We are only beginning to tap into the potential of web3.

web3/blockchain/distributed ledger technologies allow new ways to structure transactions which cut across traditional divides between producers, consumers, and investors. They could help fill in the missing pieces of the financial markets by creating new investment vehicles.

Used properly, they could help address climate change and improve long-term investment results.

Unfortunately, most of us continue to think in the same old patterns with new technologies.

Unless we step forward with new and useful applications for web3, it may end up stillborn and absorbed into existing institutions and frameworks.

Open source and commercial naturally support each other.

The artificial boundaries of open source and commerce are disappearing.

In reality, the the two form a symbiotic ecosystem. Open source is a fountain of innovation and talent and extends the ecosystem at the edge. Commercial software provides trust and reliability in the core of the ecosystem through support, services, and value-added integrations.

Together, they form a virtuous cycle: commercial business models support open source development, which builds better commercial software.