We’re at the convergence of four great trends: climate change, finance, blockchain, and open source.

Climate Change

The time to pretend that climate change is not happening or far in the future is past.

The physical realities of climate change are already here. So are the resulting social transitions.

The days of climate denial are past. The great danger today is climate misinformation from fractured versions of reality.

The only way to fix climate change is to work together: Industries and environmentalists. Companies across supply chains. Countries.


Climate change is the great paradigm shift, the inflection point that we cannot ignore.

Old industries must be restructured or face extinction, while new industries are born.

Investors can and must play a pivotal role in fixing climate change.

That will require us to turn away from short-term speculation and provide long-term capital to support decarbonization is required to fix climate.


Blockchain is the next evolution of the internet.

Its magic is global scale with privacy and security.

It will not just disrupt key industries.

It will re-write the rules of business and finance.

Or will it?

We need to try it out in real life, building real apps for real people.

Commercial Open Source

The artificial boundaries of open source and commerce are disappearing, as the two form a symbiotic whole.

Open source is a fountain of innovation and talent at scale.

Commercial software provides trust and reliability through support, services, and value-added integrations.

Together, they form a virtuous cycle: commercial business models support open source development, which builds better commercial software.