[Video] Introducing Hyperledger Carbon Neutrality and Certifications Working Group

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Here’s a video introducing what we’re doing at the Hyperledger Carbon Accounting and Certifications Working Group: Here’s a transcript of the video: Hello.  I’m Si Chen from Open Source Strategies in Los Angeles, California. My background is on the business side.  I run an ecommerce company and have also developed open source ERP and CRM […]

Imagine Climate Action Powered by Blockchain

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Let’s imagine a world where … When an owner makes a building more energy efficient, its tenants immediately realize the benefits. Anybody could access renewable energy, saving on their utility bills while reducing their carbon emissions. Where they live, whether they rent or own, and how long they plan to be there no longer matters. […]

Why Data is Key to the Future of ESG Investing

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I attended the Crux Informatics virtual conference on Data and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing this week and found it very insightful. (You can watch both day 1 and day 2 of the conference here.) It was very gratifying to see that ESG investing is finally proven in the investment industry: It’s no longer […]

ERP to Smart Energy in 3 Charts

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Why are we developing a smart energy software after creating open source ERP? First, the Internet Of Things means that the future of software, especially business applications, is connected devices: Second, falling cost of renewable energy means that this huge industry is ready for major transformation: Finally, we need to do something about climate change–and […]