The clean energy transition is a truly historic opportunity.  It’s a chance for us to build large, successful businesses while making our world a better place.

This transition will have to be driven not by just new energy technologies but also new business models.   Renewables, storage batteries, and behind-the-meter IOT devices will require businesses and utilities to re-think how they do business.  The $5 trillion of funding required for the clean energy transition will require investors to get familiar with new assets.

We’re here to make that happen, with open source software to support the new energy business models of the future and capital to fund investments in transformational clean energy projects.

Open Source

We believe that clean energy requires a new energy-as-a-service business model, so customers can adopt new technologies without having to invest their own capital or take on energy technology risk.

We believe that the software to support it should be open source, so that it could meet the diverse needs of people all over the world who need clean energy, and the utilities and businesses who will provide it to them.

We believe that if open source software could help gather data from clean energy projects, it could help bring in investors and more funding for clean energy.

Based on our experience developing enterprise-grade open source ERP and CRM, we’ve created opentaps Smart Energy Application Suite (SEAS).  Think of it as ERP for the new energy-as-a-service business model.  Click here to learn more.


How do we bridge credit risk to bring clean energy to people all over the world?

How do we make capital available to deploy new energy technologies faster? 

How do we finance clean energy projects at 1/1000th the scale of traditional power plants?  

Through Innovation.  Of business models and financing structures.

We help bring capital to the energy transition with data-driven energy-as-a-service business models and blockchain securitization.  

We’re looking to invest in projects that have the potential to transform market understanding and bring capital to clean energy.   Please contact us or click here for more details.