Beware of the Noise in our Age of Big Data

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Think that Big Data will solve the world’s problems?  Read The Signal and The Noise first.  This interesting books talks in detail about forecasting, including the good (baseball and weather), the bad (econonmics, politics, and earthquakes), and the very difficult (long-term climate change, terrorism.)  In the end there is a warning to all of us: with the […]

The Trouble with Mobile

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Here’s a quote from today’s Wall St. Journal article, “Zynga’s Rocky Shift to Mobile“: Making money from mobile games is particularly tricky. For one, there is a smaller screen on mobile phones and less room for advertisements. Another problem is that people using their phones or other mobile devices often are what Zynga calls “casual players” who tend to spend less money for, say, […]

opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM Update

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The first proof of concept application is now available.  This new application is based on Apache Geronimo 3, OSGi Blueprint, and openJPA server side and HTML5/Javascript/CSS client side technologies.  Facebook integration is built into the application: You can try the opentaps v2 Notes application at or see a YouTube video for the new opentaps […]

Let’s Mash It Up and Make Enterprise Software Fun Again

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My New Year’s Resolution: Make building enterprise software fun again. The Old Way Almost all enterprise applications follow the same architectural pattern: a single all-encompassing framework housing the data, logic, and presentation layers.  When applied to large-scale applications such as enterprise software, which must cater to the needs of lots of users with many different […]