Imagine Climate Action Powered by Blockchain

Let’s imagine a world where …

  • When an owner makes a building more energy efficient, its tenants immediately realize the benefits.
  • Anybody could access renewable energy, saving on their utility bills while reducing their carbon emissions. Where they live, whether they rent or own, and how long they plan to be there no longer matters.
  • When you shop for a product, you could pick the one with the lower carbon emissions footprint.
  • During major product launches, companies would make a big deal about the lower emissions of their new offerings, and the general public would cheer and applaud just like they would new features.
  • Climate denials, delays, and obfuscation are things of the past because we have data.
  • We’re all doing serious things to reverse climate change.

We’re not there yet. But we can get there. There’s a new technology, the blockchain, that could help us get there. It enables organizations to collaborate on unprecedented scale, across traditional industry and national boundaries.

I wrote a guest post for Meeting of the Minds about How Blockchain Provides the Missing Links in Climate Action, and we’ve started a Carbon Accounting working group at Hyperledger.

Why don’t you join us?