A Blueprint for Scaling CleanTech

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Here’s a subtle dealbreaker for CleanTech: Energy is Easy. In fact, too easy. Our utilities and regulators have worked hard for over 100 years to provide us with virtually unlimited energy at low prices, and they’ve been very successful at it. As a result, the average American spends all of eight minutes per year thinking […]

ERP to Smart Energy in 3 Charts

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Why are we developing a smart energy software after creating open source ERP? First, the Internet Of Things means that the future of software, especially business applications, is connected devices: Second, falling cost of renewable energy means that this huge industry is ready for major transformation: Finally, we need to do something about climate change–and […]

opentaps Smart Energy Applications Suite (SEAS) released on github

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Today, a new opentaps is publicly available on github at https://github.com/opentaps/opentaps_seas Here’s what it looks like: This new opentaps helps you to manage energy more intelligently by collecting and analyzing energy data. It lets you create and track a portfolio of your buildings and equipment, gather data from your devices through standard protocols such as […]

The Greatest Opportunity for Open Source in Our Time

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Energy might be the biggest and most important industry in the world.  Everyone you know, everything you use, everything you do — They all depend on energy.  Our decisions about energy also change the world in big ways: From the Industrial Revolution to Climate Change, they all happened because of decisions we’ve made about energy. Amazingly, open source can […]

A World of Possibilities for Open Source

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Ten years ago we started with the (immodest?) goal of bringing open source to enterprise software.  Today, there are even greater opportunities for open source — not just in software, but as a fundamental force for positive change in the world. Imagine a world where smart devices could be 3-d printed anywhere.  Further imagine all […]