opentaps Smart Energy Applications Suite (SEAS) released on github

Today, a new opentaps is publicly available on github at

Here’s what it looks like:

This new opentaps helps you to manage energy more intelligently by collecting and analyzing energy data. It lets you create and track a portfolio of your buildings and equipment, gather data from your devices through standard protocols such as BACNet and MODBUS, and run applications to make your all your assets more energy efficient.

At a more technical level, it is written in Python with the Django framework and combines several great open source projects, including VOLTTRON, Project Haystack, Grafana, Crate DB, and PostgreSQL. These projects let us collect, tag, and analyze a huge amount of data from building and energy systems. On top of this, we’ve created a services architecture using Haystack tags to make writing business applications with device-level IOT data much more efficient.

To distinguish it from the Java-based ERP and CRM, we’re calling this new opentaps the “Smart Energy Applications Suite” or SEAS. So take a look at the videos on our Youtube channel, so check out the code, and let us know what you think.