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opentaps Open Source ERP CRM Quarterly Update

An Easier Way to Set Up opentaps

I wrote in our last quarterly update that

Our main goal for opentaps 1.5 is to make it easier: easier for users to get up and running and easier for developers to start extending opentaps.

Let’s see how we’re doing…

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Uploading leads into opentaps CRM

Last week I wrote about an easier way to load your organization’s data into opentaps.   Now we also have an easier way for your salespeople to load sales leads into the opentaps CRM module.

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An Easier Way to Load Your Data into opentaps

A few months ago, I wrote that our #1 goal for opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM was Easier: “I want opentaps to be easier to use, easier to set up and configure, and easier to customize and build on top of.” As an example of this, let me show you an easier way to load your company’s data into opentaps.

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