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Open Source and the Future of Small Businesses

My friend Phil Simon is writing an interesting book called “The New Small” about how today small businesses are taking advantage of emerging technologies. We started talking about how open source software is affecting small businesses.  I realized that open source has made a fundamental shift in the relationship between technology and small businesses.  Instead of being a tool of large enterprises, technology is helping today’s small businesses leapfrog passed their larger competitors, thanks to open source software.

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opentaps 1.5M1: Get Started with Open Source ERP Faster than Ever Before

We have now released opentaps 1.5M1 featuring many of the new enhancements discussed in the last quarterly update for opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM.

I wanted to get this new edition out to you as quickly as possible, because I believe it would help you get up on this incredibly powerful and flexible (not to mention low cost!) ERP and CRM solution faster than ever before. With opentaps 1.5M1, you should be able to setup your company, load your products, customers, and suppliers, and get started using opentaps without spending all sorts of time configuring your company and importing data.

That means you can start doing the things you need to do faster: tracking sales leads, selling to customers, getting them to pay you. In the amount of time it would take to set up a simple desktop accounting package, you can be up and running with a full web enabled, enterprise class ERP and CRM solution.

Stay tuned for our “How fast my company got up and running with Open Source ERP and CRM” contest!