Data Driven Clean Energy Financing

The new world of clean energy is dynamic. Renewables, storage, grid demand response, and energy efficiency are all variable resources whose performance change in real-time. While businesses and consumers increasingly demand clean energy, they are not prepared to take on the performance risk of these resources. As a result, old financing models with fixed payments look increasingly out of place in this new world.

Clean energy requires a new financing model which shields the end users from the operating risks of new technologies while providing low cost, abundant capital. This means providing performance-based, guaranteed results to energy users while providing standard structures to the capital markets.

Creating this combination requires being able to analyze real-time data with transparent measurement and verification (M&V) methodology to derive financial values of clean energy technologies. It also requires standardized and transparent contract structures and settlement processes.

We’re looking to invest in clean energy projects with transformational benefits to our communities and the capital markets. If you are an energy user or technology provider, please contact us for more details.