Hyperledger Climate Accounting and Neutrality Working Group

As part of the Hyperledger Carbon Accounting and Certification Working Group, we’re using open source and blockchain technology to take on the climate change challenge.

Our goal is to create a set of “blockchain primitives” or components that could be combined to build global, collaborative networks without the need for central authorities. Imagine community solar joining Virtual Renewable Energy Networks, or electric vehicles joining Virtual Zero Emission Travel Networks.

The energy-efficient Hyperledger blockchain allows us to create trust in climate data and transactions at scale without the need for central authorities.   By being open source, we make all our work both freely available and open for analysis and critique.

Our goal is to make trusted greenhouse gas emissions accounting available for every business activity and every company of our economy.  That way, companies can know how to reduce their emissions.  Consumers could reward the companies that are taking positive climate action.  Regulators and investors can see what’s really happening.

We’re currently in development, so join our Working Group or sign up below to be notified of upcoming releases.