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Is Google Wave the Future of Software?

I didn’t “get” Google Wave when I first tried it.  It wasn’t like any other forum, wiki, or project management software I’ve used before.  (And believe me, I’ve used a lot of them.)  What’s so great about it?

Now I get it.  Google Wave is easier and more communicative than any other collaboration tool I’ve used before.  That’s what makes it better.  I’m not going to teach you how to use Google Wave here — if you haven’t used it, watch the Google Wave. Instead, let me summarize why I think Google Wave might be the future of software:

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New Chinese Translations for opentaps / opentaps新的中文翻译

Thanks to 袁徐磊 (Yuan Xulei) from Tsinghua University and Nanguache.com in Beijing, we now have new Chinese translations for opentaps.  感谢清华大学南瓜车的袁徐磊捐献的opentaps中文翻译! Here is opentaps CRM in Chinese — 请看中文的opentaps CRM:

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