OFBiz Downloads

opentaps ERP + CRM

opentaps ERP + CRM is an open source ERP and CRM stable release of OFBiz plus additional CRM and Financials accounting modules. It is recommended for production use and available on our opentaps/OFBiz CD or can be downloaded from SourceForge.

Weekly Builds

Every week, we perform a build and install test on OFBiz, which compiles OFBiz and the opentaps CRM and Financials modules, creates an embedded database, and installs all the seed data. The weekly build is recommended for developers who would like to check out the latest features of opentaps/OFBiz. They are also on our opentaps/OFBiz CD.

Each weekly build comes with an Subversion revision tag (the numbers after ofbiz_), which corresponds to a particular point in the OFBiz Subversion Repository. To run the weekly build, unzip the downloaded file, go to your new ofbiz_xxxx directory, and follow the instructions for Running OFBiz.

Download opentaps/OFBiz Weekly Builds

NOTE: WinZIP may have problems extracting the empty .svn directories from the ZIP files, causing problems with getting updates from the SVN. Try unzipping on a Linux/Unix system first or get the CD if you have this problem.


These files correspond to our tutorials.

File Comments
OfbizTutorial_WS_RMI.zip (638 K)OFBIZ SOAP/RMI tutorial by Vincenzo di Lorenzo

NOTE The Hello World tutorials are not compatible with OFBiz 3.x. If you are using a version of OFBiz later than opentaps 0.9.x, you will need to apply these Fixes for More Recent OFBiz Versions due to a change in the directory structure.

These files help you with various little tasks in OFBiz development..

File Comments
checktabs.pl (0.2 K)Checks for and highlights tabs in your file.
fixtabs.pl (0.2 K)Replaces each tab with 4 spaces.
bshcontainer.bsh (0.7 K)Sets up bsh container for debugging, testing, etc.