opentaps Financials Module

The opentaps Financials module is a standards-compliant, double entry accounting application with General Ledger, Financial Reporting, and Accounts Receivables/Payables features which is fully compatible with OFBiz. This module is a plug-in component for opentaps releases and SVN versions of OFBiz. It is fully compatible with the data model and the Service Oriented Architecture of OFBiz and will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your OFBiz applications. To help support the ongoing development of this component, the Financials module is released under a dual open source and commercial license for both open source and commercial use.

For more information and an online demo, please see opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM

Key Features


The Financials module is freely available to you under the Honest Public License (HPL), which is a modified version of the GNU GPL license with additional clarification for hosting and for software as a service. It allows you to download, use, modify, and re-distribute the module free of charge, but it also imposes obigations upon you as well. Being based on the GPL, the Honest Public License is a very different license than the MIT/Apache license of OFBiz. Please consult an attorney to understand what its obligations are.

If you do not wish to be bound by the HPL in your use of this application, we also offer commercial licenses which meet the needs of users, vendors, and services providers. Proceeds for commercial licenses help further the development of our open source software and support our communities.