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New Spanish Translations for opentaps / Nuevas traducciones de opentaps en Espanol

Thanks to Stalyn Chavez of BokSoft in Peru, who has been working with opentaps since version 0.9, we now have new translations of opentaps CRM and Financials to Spanish.

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Can Open Source Make ERP Better?

Derek Singleton at SoftwareAdvice.com has written an interesting article entitled Can Open Source ERP Succeed? He brought up some of the hurdles for the adoption of open source ERP software.

Having developed open source ERP and CRM for over five years now, I’d like to ask a different question:

Can Open Source make ERP better?

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opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM Update

opentaps In The Cloud with Amazon EC2

Want to get up and running quickly and easily on enterprise-class open source ERP and CRM?

Want to run it on demand on world class infrastructure and pay by the hour?

Now you can.

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Open Source Strategies now an Official Amazon AWS Solutions Provider

We’re happy to let you know that we’re now an official Amazon AWS Solutions Provider.  We’ve learned a lot after working with the Amazon Web Services platforms like EC2 and S3 for a couple of years, and we hope to leverage it to make open source ERP and CRM even easier for you with the cloud.

iContact Email Marketing and Coupon

With all the excitement about social media, don’t forget how effective “old-fashioned” email marketing is. There’s nothing like a regular, relevant email newsletter to generate sales and promote your brand.

Email is more complicated now, thanks to the CAN-SPAM Act, so I’d recommend that you use an online service instead of doing it yourself.  There are several good ones out there.  For example, we’ve worked with iContact online email marketing service and have had generally good experiences with it.  I’ve gotten a special offer for users of opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM — you can get $10 off plus a free trial for 15 days.  Please contact us for the coupon code you’ll need.

Open Source ERP + CRM in the Cloud: opentaps and Amazon EC2

Cloud computing and open source applications is a great combination.  You get all the benefits of the cloud: easy to deploy, easy to maintain, low upfront and long-term infrastructure costs.  But you also get all the benefits of open source: flexibility, low cost applications, and control — control of your software and most importantly, your data.

When you bring the two together, you also get a third benefit: Getting up and running with open source in the cloud is amazingly easy.  For example, take a look at how easy it is to start up opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) cloud:

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opentaps 1.5M1: Get Started with Open Source ERP Faster than Ever Before

We have now released opentaps 1.5M1 featuring many of the new enhancements discussed in the last quarterly update for opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM.

I wanted to get this new edition out to you as quickly as possible, because I believe it would help you get up on this incredibly powerful and flexible (not to mention low cost!) ERP and CRM solution faster than ever before. With opentaps 1.5M1, you should be able to setup your company, load your products, customers, and suppliers, and get started using opentaps without spending all sorts of time configuring your company and importing data.

That means you can start doing the things you need to do faster: tracking sales leads, selling to customers, getting them to pay you. In the amount of time it would take to set up a simple desktop accounting package, you can be up and running with a full web enabled, enterprise class ERP and CRM solution.

Stay tuned for our “How fast my company got up and running with Open Source ERP and CRM” contest!

opentaps Open Source ERP CRM Quarterly Update

An Easier Way to Set Up opentaps

I wrote in our last quarterly update that

Our main goal for opentaps 1.5 is to make it easier: easier for users to get up and running and easier for developers to start extending opentaps.

Let’s see how we’re doing…

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Uploading leads into opentaps CRM

Last week I wrote about an easier way to load your organization’s data into opentaps.   Now we also have an easier way for your salespeople to load sales leads into the opentaps CRM module.

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An Easier Way to Load Your Data into opentaps

A few months ago, I wrote that our #1 goal for opentaps Open Source ERP + CRM was Easier: “I want opentaps to be easier to use, easier to set up and configure, and easier to customize and build on top of.” As an example of this, let me show you an easier way to load your company’s data into opentaps.

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