Uniqlo’s New Mobile e-Commerce Business Model

Watch this video — it might just be the future of mobile commerce:

Did you notice

  • A cool mobile app
  • Creating DIY art

Did you also notice that it’s a business model without

  • Upfront design
  • Inventory
  • Advertising

Uniqlo is not just thinking, Gee how do we get more Instagram followers to sell the same old T-shirts?

They’re creating a whole new business model by taking the mobile platform to its logical conclusion.  Their app, which does a lot more than Instagram’s simple filters, works hand-in-hand with a business model to turn a T-shirt (commodity) into your own work of art (priceless.)

If little Instagram could build a billion-dollar business by turning the mobile phone into the ultimate device of self-expression, why couldn’t Uniqlo…or you?

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